Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

fathers day was pretty good. we really didnt do much. the night before my darling husband stayed up until 5:30 a.m. playing farmtown on facebook! i didnt say anything since it was technically fathers day. i stayed up and watched tv. very interesting things on the discovery channel that late. i had planned on going to church. i dont have to leave until about 10 to get there in time. but i could NOT drag myself out of bed. and the kids slept in so none of them were up to force me to get up.

this was brents weekend to work. we had some rain over the weekend, which meant he got to turn the wells ( irrigation sprinklers) off saturday night. but the crops have to be constantly watered so they had to be turned back on sunday morning. so that was what he was going to go do. after he got done, we were going to eat at mom and dads. just cook hamburgers out on the grill. on the way there, callee asked, " if dad goes to go check the whales after we eat can i go with him?" i was like "huh?" the whales? she said, " i know it may take us a long time to get there and come back, but i would really like to took me a few minutes to realize she meant "wells" not "whales". i got a good laugh from that.

so we went and cooked out hamburgers and ate cheese like crazy. the kids played in the water. it was so hot outside. baby jake fell down the steps off the deck. that was exciting. he skinned his face and back up, but hes not badly hurt. so its what we call a "character builder".

Saturday, June 20, 2009

the muffin man..well, cupcake man.

for christmas callee got a cupcake maker from santa claus. it is the most gosh awful thing in the world. it isnt that hard to do, but it makes a horrendous mess. and the cupcakes are BAD! we all kind of tolerate the thing as cal thinks it is her duty to bless her family with cardboard cupcakes. well yesterday while i was at work the kids decided to make me a cupcake. when i got home, there was a glass of wine with nats in it (it had been poured awhile) and a chocolate cupcake with sprinkles waiting for me. i was going to take a picture of it all as well as pick the nats out of the wine and then hope the wine was enough to allow me to choke down the cupcake. but while i was fixing supper, tack decided it was time to eat the cupcake. with or without me. so as a thank you to tack for not making me eat the cupcake, i will post pictures of him after he stole it~he obviously enjoyed it a great deal more than i would have....

Yesterdays Storm

i went to work yesterday evening. when i was on my way home, it started to rain a little. there were storms coming from the texas panhandle, but we just got the bottom tip if it. but any rain is appreciated. it smelled so good outside! manure, sage, rain, and wildflowers...and lots of pretty rainbows!

Friday, June 19, 2009

so tacky boy comes up to me holding an old empty turtle shell he had previously found. it stays on top of his dresser. he asks "can i see if my body will fit in this shell so i can put glitter on me and win in the race? i wanna race with the other turtles!". just had to share.....

Racing For Turtlely Prizes

so the next weekend is the pre-4th of july activities in reydon, oklahoma. reydon is a liitle town/community a few miles down the road (everything is a few miles down the road). all of the fire departments around here are volunteer (you have to go about an hour for much of anything...non-volunteer fire dept. included). they put on a big shin dig every year. i think they have free hot dogs, fireworks, and a bedazzling turtle race. i use the words bedazzled because not only do you race your turtles, you bedazzle them. you paint the shells. you glue rhinestones on them. you cover the shells with glue and dump glitter on them. you make the turtle your own. so we are in the process of collecting turtles. we have lots of water turltes around, but i have learned that water turtles will be disqualified. yep. there is a list of rules you must follow in the bedazzling turtle race. we have one land turtle we have named pablo, and another one named franklin. but franklin is a very large water turtle (with very sharp claws i might add) so he will be let back out where we found him. my boss is one of the "handlers" as she called it for the race. and she informed me they will be handing out all sorts of "turtely prizes". i am really excited about that. so be in tune for pictures and thoughts as we embark on a journey to snag the "best bedazzled turtle" prize....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Turkeys and Quail

There is an abundance of wildlife out at the ranch. It seems everywhere you turn, you are running into a raccoon, opossum, porcupine, deer, quail, turkey, dove, armadillo, bobcat, and even mountain lions and panthers. At the ranch, we have a hunting operation. Despite the hunting, the owner is very in tune with wildlife and their needs. He has a program that buys baby birds and lets them go in the wild after a period of time. The are not fenced, or kept locked up. They are bought ideally when they are 2 or 3 days old. They are kept in a huge plastic feeding tub with incubator lights, food, water, rocks and grass. Every few days a small handful are let out in the same area of a pasture. This is after they are old enough to survive on their own of course.

I had to go to work today and do a few things around headquarters. It was so stinking hot and humid outside. Good thing there are trees here in Oklahoma. There were NO trees in the Texas Panhandle (at least not where we lived). Since there is an abundance of wildlife around, they depend on the shade to survive the hot and muggy weather. I was pulling out of headquarters and I saw this turkey hen trying to find some relief in the shade. I named her Velma.


So right now, it's time to cut and bale the hay. This is a picture of alfalfa after it has been allowed to grow and bloom. I love the pretty purple flowers that cover the fields. The hay is cut with a swather (like a tractor) and it is left to lay in the field for a couple of days so it can dry out. After it's dry, a baler (another tractor type thing) comes along and goes over the hay. It picks up the hay, and bundles or bales it together. If it is not dry when it is baled up, it gets moldy and gross and it can make livestock sick, and even kill them. Alot goes in to hay season. You have to wait until the field is dry, and you try to do it when it is hot and dry out. No moisture or humidity. To me, there is nothing like the smell and the sight of a large field full of alfalfa in bloom.
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