Tuesday, March 2, 2010

dogs and whatnot....

so here is the story about dogs. these are not necessarily the dogs i will be discussing today. they are just dogs that found their way on my blog.
here lately, we seem to be having an influx of dogs at our house. we started out with our sweet pepper dog. she was the black lab that we had for several years. the story behind her is that after brent and i were married, i had baby fever right away. ashlee and callee had already been born, and callee was about 2. i was ready for new baby smell in our new home. so i tell my groom my plans. and he did not seem to agree with it like i had hoped. he had a cow dog when we got married, and one morning when i was leaving for work, i found it dead on the sidewalk going to the car. he had been bit by a snake. so i asked brent if we could get a dog, instead. a puppy. he wasnt too crazy about that either. so i remind him i can always get a baby if i cant get a puppy. he tells me to find a dog right away. i see in the daily paper that someone is giving away lab puppies. too good to be true! i call brent, and he says "MAKE SURE YOU GET A MALE. WE DO NOT WANT A FEMALE. WE DO NOT WANT PUPPIES." so i call the lady. she has a couple males left. i tell her i will be over after work.
after work, i find the place. there are fat furry lab puppies all over the place. i pick a yellow one up, and she says, "that one already has a home. they all do. except i saved you one. we had other people call today and they came and picked out their dogs already. but i kept one back for you." oh...thats weird, but thanks. ok. she picks up the fattest blackest dog i have ever seen. its a female. oh no. but the puppy melted like butter in july when i held her. she just fell into me and i could tell she was my dog. even though my sweet brand new husband had already told me no females. dang it. and the lady had kept her just for me. it was fate. i couldnt be rude and turn the dog away now. so i took her. and i named her pepper. and i secretly liked the feeling of not being a submissive wife because i knew my husband would not turn her away. so i was getting away with it.
when brent got home, there was a blank look on his face and he did his famous "woman, i told you...dont you ever listen to me....i think you have lost your mind...i know best...dang it, sarah" head shake. but i got to keep her. she slept in the bathtub the next few nights. she squaw led and whined and moaned if i wasnt holding her. she really needed me. and i loved it.
we had her for 2 days...the weekend before, i thought i had a little bit of a stomach bug. it was going around, so i didnt think much of it. but it wiped me out. i couldnt figure out what was going on. until i smelled meatloaf and lost my cookies. yep. i was pregnant. brents response to that was, "either the baby or the puppy have to go back. you cant have both." but he knew it was too late for either. i got my way. i had a baby named tack hammer and a puppy named pepper dog.
we lost pepper dog recently. she knew she was fixing to die and she left for a couple of days to spare us the heartache. but she came back. she refused food and water. she got the shakes real bad. she was slobbery and her bones were sticking out. the kids cried and mourned for days while we waited. i finally said i was going to take her to the vet the next day to have her put down. she was so pitiful. she would leave and not die, so then she would come back. well, the next day, she was gone again. and i knew she would not be back. she was in a bad place when she left. we figured she had gone off in the pasture somewhere...but ashlee was out playing with the horse, and found pepper dog. she didnt make it very far. just behind the house to the horse pen. maybe as her way of saying "thanks for letting me stay" to brent, she never had any puppies, despite me seeing several coyotes males give it the ol' college try......
more on the dogs later. gator.

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