Sunday, April 28, 2013

Around the homestead....

This morning, we went to church. It was a good morning. We came home and fixed a quick lunch then Brent and the boys went to work in the yard, Ashlee went to work in the kitchen cleaning, and Callee and I went to ranch headquarters to clean the hunting lodge. It's been a hot minute since the hunters were in, but since we all had the bug this week at our house, I hadn't gone back to get it clean. So Callee and I did that. We left about 8 this evening to head home. I like that time of day when the sun is going down and the animals are all eating and it just seems peaceful around here. I took some pictures of stuff on my short trip home. These are things that made my heart happy today. I promise there is not one single picture of a chicken or any bird related incident. Just a bunch of other stuff. 

 This big guy was in the pens behind the office and hunting lodge at headquarters. He looked so big, yet peaceful while he was resting. 
 This is one of the longhorns that belong to Mr. Turley (who owns the ranch). She wasn't very interested in me, but I thought she was pretty. 
 This view really made me happy. I like to watch the bulls because they are so big and dare I even say pretty. This ranch has some dang good lookin' cattle, if I do say so myself. Maybe I like red Angus so much because they have the same color of hair as my oldest child. 

This big fella wanted his picture taken. Badly. He kept following me along the fence and he was bellowing very softly as if to say, "Hey, girl. I know you want to take a picture of all of this manliness." So I did. I took a few pictures. I got in the car and texted Brent and told him that the bull 1012Y and I had just become besties. I don't think Brent believed me. 

This is a scene that soothes my soul. The 1 mile (or so) road that comes to this point (which I usually refer to as my driveway or my tree row) is absolutely horrid. It's just bad red dirt, washboarded, and oil field traffic has tore it up something fierce. This road dead-ends in my yard. When I get to this point, I am at home. I am at peace and whatever is going on around me, seems to just stop and I feel ok again. This is a safe place for me. I'm thankful for the view around our home. 
 Long before this property belonged to the ranch and became our home, it was home to another family. Their original farm is still up and is practically in our back yard. It's on the same lot as our house, and I love it there. This is the old barn. I don't know how old it all is, but it's old enough. I wish I had a picture of what it used to look like. I imagine chickens just like mine running loose in the yard. A big garden. Pigs. Milk 
cows. Laundry on the line. Hard work and hard life, but I hope there was as much love and laughter for this family as there is for mine. I know our yard and our home aren't kept up to measure up to what some think it should be, but its our home and I am so thankful for it. 
 This is about 150 yards or so from my home. This is the original house. It's just an empty shell now but I think it's beautiful. 
 This is the view from my backyard. There is my trusty steed, Woodrow. 
 I always take a lot of pictures of this. This makes my heart happy, too. I love to look out the window and see the feed bin silhouetted with the sun setting behind it. 

 Callee and I went to check on Woodrow. As usual, he just cared about licking the car. So weird. 

This is next to the old home. I like it. 

 This is the view from my front yard. I'm standing in the driveway next to the car. Yeah.....I need to water the grass. I know.

As promised, I did not post any pictures of chickens or chicken products. I will post a picture of their house though. That's where the critters live. 


  1. Beautiful home sweet home...I LOVE that you have trees:)
    Thanks for sharing your heart <3